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Choosing Your Best Storage

Having the proper storage can help you keep things organized. Whether you like dressers or closet drawers, armoires or rolling hanging bars, you are sure to stay more organized when your storage fits your habits, personality and décor.

First, determine what style fits your room. Choose storage that is consistent with your theme, even if you do not want a rigidly themed room. You can create a feeling of romance, loyalty, glamour, sophistication, cleanliness or even an urban feel by properly selecting your storage.

If your bedroom is neat and efficient, almost minimalist, you probably do not want a lot of bulky furniture. Most people that love clean lines and empty space choose an elaborate closet organization system to make sure nothing ever gets cluttered. At most they probably have a low, simply designed bedside table or low profile dresser.

You can increase the feeling and appearance of space in a room like this by using mirrors and keeping furniture low profile. Platform beds are popular in a minimalist room. Furniture, however, is not. The closet is key here. Whether you have a big closet or a small one, you should make sure that your closet system is consistent with your room’s feel. If possible, match up shelves with the platform bed, lamps, lighting fixtures or whatever else is themed in your room. Black shelves on a white wall look sharp and crisp. Shallow drawers help keep all of those little accessories in their place.

Minimalist closets generally do not have things hanging on hooks or piled on the floor. Everything should be tucked away in its own little space, out of sight. That is why cabinets and drawers are so popular. Use metal hangers, not wire, for a utilitarian feel. Shirt hangers and pants hangers can be combined with cascading hooks to keep space between each thing on the bar. Using specialty hangers will definitely help you keep your closet looking as great as your bedroom.

If you have an elaborate four-poster bed, you are probably more into armoires and dressers. You may enjoy the antique feel or the boldly romantic feel of large, wood furniture. Armoires add a nice touch to bare spaces and make a beautiful focal point in a big room. If this is your style, then you may want to extend the theme into your closet.

Instead of installing wire rack shelves or using a lot of plastic containers, use wood. Wood shelves give your closet a beautiful look that does not interfere with the feeling you created with your bed, dresser and armoire. Canvas containers or baskets do not detract from the style as much as plastic does, so consider them when looking at closet storage options.

Your hangers should also be wood. Don’t think that you are stuck with one kind of hanger if you choose wooden hangers. You can get shirt hangers, skirt hangers, pants hangers and dress hangers that all match. Use cedar accessories or cedar hangers to make your closet smell as good as it looks.

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