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Organization Tips for your Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be very difficult to keep organized because you use so many products in there. There are often a lot of things to organize and very little space to do it in. Bathrooms get cluttered with laundry, make up, hair accessories, jewelry, cleaning products, and more. For a small space, it is a lot to handle. Use the tips below to learn how to use your linen closet or a separate vanity to organize everything that you want to keep in your bathroom. Also, just as important as organizing and keeping the bathroom sanitary, is organizing it in a way that is easy to maintain.

1) You will need a container to get rid of the products that are expired or have not been used for a while. Here are some guidelines: mascara expires in six months, creams and foundations about twelve, eye shadows and powders around twenty-four months. If you keep your brushes and sponges very clean, they could last a little longer, but as a general rule, you should throw out any questionable items.

2) Take the things that you use every day and set them aside. You will want these items to be the easiest to access. You will also want them to be very easy to keep organized so that you don’t clutter-up your bathroom space.

3) Categorize everything in the bathroom, checking expiration dates and removing unwanted items as you go. If you really do not have enough room in your bathroom, you may want to use a bookshelf or other set of shelves just outside of the bathroom. Cabinets or vanity tables with hidden storage underneath look nice and can double as a place to put your make-up on in the mornings.

4) Determine the best way to store or display each item in a small area. You may want to get creative with how you store things so that you can easily access them when you need them. Pencil drawer organizers are great for keeping lip pencils, eye liners, shadow brushes and other cylindrical items organized. Some even grip the pencils, so you can hang it on the wall if you’d like. Small hooks are great for hair ties and necklaces. Baskets that mount are great for storing your hair dryer, curling iron, or straightening iron so that the cords don’t get tangled or take up extra room.

5) If you’re building up this bathroom storage area, you may want to also install a wall-mount hanging bar. These are usually created for foyers or entryways, but they also work beautifully in bathrooms. You can put a few clothes hangers on it to hang your clothes that may be wrinkled in the steam of the shower. You can also get hangers, like coat hangers or wood hangers for other things, like your robe.

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