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Choosing a Closet System

There are a lot of closet organizers on the market to help you get organized and stay within your budget. You can spend anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a closet, so somewhere in there you are sure to find something that works for you that you can afford! Here are some ideas and things to consider when selecting what type of closet organization system you would be comfortable investing in.

1) Wire shelving is perhaps the cheapest way to go, but it is not necessarily the lowest in quality. Metal shelving systems have come a long way. They usually don’t rely on those tiny plastic clips to hold them up anymore. Most have bars that anchor into the wall studs to provide a versatile space for hanging shelves, baskets, drawers, and hanging bars. These systems can give you the versatility and strength that you need to create a personal closet space without spending a fortune.

2) Wire shelving upgrades. If you have wire shelving but you’re not crazy about the look, consider some of the newer accessories and upgrades that are on the market now. They look a lot better than the standard wire and are really useful, too. The basket drawers are perhaps the most popular wire closet system addition right now. Baskets are great for organizing and storing smaller items that can make your closet look junky. Baskets give the closet system some texture, warmth and depth that the wire alone doesn’t offer. These basket drawers are mounted on smooth gliding rails that make the basket function exactly like a drawer. However, you can easily lift out the basket and take it with you while doing laundry to make keeping your closet organized even easier.

3) Press board laminate systems can be attractive, inexpensive and useful. They give your closet that “wood shelving” appearance without investing in solid wood. These systems usually work a lot like the newer wire shelving systems and hook onto metal brackets that are secured to studs in the wall. The adjustable shelves make this type of system a desirable one to many people.

4) You may be able to install solid wood shelving systems for less money than you may have thought. Do it yourselfers find it relatively easy to install wood shelving, stain and varnish it themselves. You can even use slats to rest shelves on so that you have some control over how close together or far apart the shelves sit. Adjustable shelves may prove invaluable when you are looking at keeping your closet organized long-term.

No matter which type of shelving system you decide on, your hanger choice may be just as important. There are different clothes hangers for different needs. Selecting the right hangers for your closet can make it look beautiful or help you to save space. Coat hangers and wood hangers are perfect for coats and suits, where specialty hangers, like skirt hangers or cascading hangers, can help you save space and keep organized.

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