Inspiration for your Closet

Closets can be helpful or they can cause you distress. Most people feel like their closet could be organized better, most of the time. The problem is finding time to do it right and making maintaining the organization easy. If you’re ready to make some upgrades in your closet, as well as get it organized, then you can use these few simple steps to make the endeavor go more smoothly and cost you less than you might have imagined.

1) The first step to any closet organization project is getting rid of the clutter. Studies show that most people only use about fifty percent of what is in their closet. We hold onto things for a variety of reasons. We often have memories and experiences tied to our clothing, so we don’t want to let go of it. Taking pictures or even samples of clothing and putting them into a scrapbook can help you to get motivated to go ahead and get rid of these space-stealers.

2) If you’re holding on to clothing that you hope to fit back into someday, then you might consider rewarding yourself with new clothes after you lose weight. If your weight fluctuates a lot and you actually need several different wardrobes in different sizes, then separate them and store the ones that you aren’t wearing right now. Get rid of old shoes and other items to make room in your closet for what you actually need and use.

3) When it’s cleared out, it will be much easier to get inspired. Imagine extra hanging rods all the way around. Imagine shelves for containers that can hold storage items, socks, underwear, and other things that can clutter up a closet or dresser. Take a look around and figure out where you have empty space that can be used. Shelves and rods do not have to be a certain height, so if you try, you can utilize space closer to the ceiling for things that you don’t use often.

4) Make more room and keep your clothing organized by using specialty clothes hangers. You can get hangers that cascade or attach to each other to save you tons of space. Most people report saving double or triple the space by using specialty hangers. Choose ones that are designed for certain items to keep your suits in shape, coats hanging, and other clothes wrinkle-free. With just a few closet adjustments, you could have your whole bedroom organized in no time.

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