Bathroom Storage Options

Managing bathroom clutter is difficult for most people. There is so much stuff that needs to be organized in there and you use it every day. Beauty products, medications, hair accessories, cleaning products, towels, linens and laundry are all clutter culprits in the bathroom. Learning how to create a space for everything will help you to keep things organized. The key is to categorize and provide an area for each thing. However, being low on space can make this seem like a real challenge. Here we are going to discuss how you can make the most of the little space that you have so that you’ll be on your way to getting your bathroom organized in a way that will allow you to keep it that way.

Many times, we replace items that we use every day before they run out. Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and make-up are often purchased before they run out or in bulk, meaning that you will need somewhere to store the new items. Another problem is that sometimes we are excited about trying a new product or, in the case of make-up, we don’t want to throw out the old stuff that is still good. So, you end up collecting double or triple what you need.

A small shelving system outside of the bathroom or a corner of the closet can be very helpful in managing these items. When you buy something new, make a deal with yourself that you will either throw out the old items, or keep the new items in storage until you actually need them. Doing this will allow you to save money by buying in bulk, but will also train you not to bring unnecessary items into the bathroom.

Go through everything in your bathroom and get rid of expired make-up and medications. Throw out that almost empty bottle of shampoo or body wash that you abandoned for the new one that you purchased months ago. Clean out drawers and wipe down shelves as you go so that you are inclined to go through everything in the bathroom. Use a box or other container to take the items that you are going to keep out of the bathroom and start getting them organized.

You can use containers or simply make piles of what you have in the floor, on a counter, on the bed or where ever you have space to work. Categorize things so that you can start to see how much actual space you need for each set of items. Physically divide these categories on shelves or in containers in the bathroom.

When you have all of your “products” organized, start thinking about what else clutters up the bathroom. Laundry can get out of control in there, so you need to make sure you have somewhere for dirty laundry to go. Linen closets can be organized using specialty hangers designed for hanging sheets, blankets and curtains. Use clothes hangers for smaller items and robes. When you get these things off of your shelves, you will have room to keep your towels and washcloths organized.

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