Bathroom Organization Made Easy

The bathroom is a small space that needs to hold many types of items. This is a recipe for disaster if you are unable to keep it in a constant state of organization. Bathroom storage is often a struggle for many people. To get it organized and make the most of the small space that you have, you definitely need a plan. Use these tips to help you come up with a personalized storage system that will work in your bathroom.

1) Take an inventory count of what you need to keep in the bathroom. This is a great time to wipe out cabinets, clean out drawers, and wipe down all of the bathroom surfaces. Make yourself a list of what you want to keep together and categorize as much as you can. Avoid the dreaded “miscellaneous” pile that ultimately leads to an accumulation of clutter.

2) Make-up is a big problem in most people’s bathroom. It is pretty rare that you will actually use something completely up before purchasing another. Let’s say you bought a new eye shadow. The old one isn’t empty, but you really want to use the new one. Now, you may go back and forth, but inevitably, you’ll need a new color, and then the pile-up begins. Have you organized and stored your make-up before, but it still tends to be all over the place? This is generally because we use it so much. If there isn’t a very convenient place to store it, it ends up on the counter. Use a large make-up organizer for things that are not in your current rotation. Use a countertop organizer for things that you use every day. It’s important for the top to be open so that you’re not tempted to drop it on the counter instead.

3) Make sure that you have somewhere, like a hamper, for your dirty clothes to go. Laundry can be a problem in the bathroom. Not only are we changing for bed, getting ready for work, and taking showers in there, but we are also using towels and washcloths. Sometimes you may need to hang your towels to dry so that you don’t have wet clothes molding or growing mildew in the hamper. Make sure that you have an easy place to hang towels and an easy to access hamper for your dirty laundry.

4) Storing linens in the bathroom is much easier if you have the appropriate dividers and hangers. Cedar clothes hangers are a great thing to use in a bathroom linen closet. They absorb moisture, protecting your sheets and blankets from that mildew smell. Cedar wood hangers also deodorize to keep the closet fresh. You can use ordinary coat hangers to hang sheets, but there are also open ended comforter and blanket hangers you can use to keep air circulating around your linens.

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