I Have the World’s Tiniest Bathroom

It’s true. My bathroom is seriously small. I’ve remodeled and I love it, but it is way too tiny to store anything at all. I have an open cabinet sink, so there is about a 2’x3’ space under there, but it’s barely enough for towels, washcloths, a make-up tray, and the toilet paper.

Now, I kind of pride myself on not owning very much “stuff”. I like to keep it minimalistic around the house and I’ve been known for throwing away or giving away a lot of stuff just to have the house feel emptier. There’s something nice about only having a few things in a room. In fact, besides the bed, I only have one tiny dresser and two bedside tables in my bedroom. I don’t like furniture and things taking up space. So, keeping that in mind, I must confess that I absolutely love beauty products! I’ve tried everything under the sun. I do facial masks, bleach my teeth, experiment with hair and make-up, just about daily. I can’t get enough. I don’t spoil myself much, except with these types of things. I’m a big couponer, mainly so I can get tons of free or obscenely cheap beauty products.

So, you can see where this is going, right? I have accumulated a TON of hair products, accessories and tools, make-up out the wazoo, facial masks, body lotions, the list goes on and on. Because of the awesome coupon deals I’ve gotten, I also have a healthy stash of body washes, shampoos, conditioners, razor blades, and deodorants.

I finally came up with the perfect solution. I really didn’t want to put a bunch of shelves in my already cramped bathroom. I’d have to install them in between the studs, recessed into the wall, covering the entire wall to put all of this stuff somewhere. Even then I’m ashamed to say, it probably wouldn’t be enough. So, anyway, I acquired this media cabinet. It was a nice, beveled, kind of wavy glass front cabinet, about five feet tall. The awesome thing about it was that it had a lot of glass shelves that were adjustable. Finally a way to organize all my bathroom stuff!

Now, this thing does not fit in my bathroom, but it does fit nicely right outside of the bathroom in my bedroom. It took me two hours to categorize and go through everything that I had and figure out how I wanted it stored, but I did it and it’s magnificent! I didn’t like that the inside had a lot of holes for cords to feed through. This was meant for electronics, initially. So, I hung my great grandmother’s tablecloth in the back. It turned out so cute and made the cabinet special. I used a pencil and pen carousel for my make-up brushes, tweezers, nail files, and more. For the sections that were too deep, I stuffed some tissue down in the bottom to adjust the depth so that everything stayed perfect. Really I could go on and on about it. Anyway, I just wanted to share how I found a new purpose for a piece of old furniture that keeps all of my stashes perfectly organized and ready to use without cluttering up my house at all! Let me know what you’ve done!

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