Strategies for Staying Organized

Getting organized and staying that way is easier said than done! Many people think that cleaning up and putting things away is the same thing as organizing, but really, you could take it to another level. When done correctly, organizing keeps messes from happening. Being truly organized means that you have a place for everything, everything is categorized, and you have a schedule for maintaining the area. Use these tips to take care of the problem areas of your home and you could be setting yourself up for easy housekeeping from now on.

When cleaning or organizing, a good rule of thumb is to make sure everything has a place. However, the “place” won’t do you much good if it’s not sufficient in size, easy to get to, and memorable. By memorable, I mean that it has to make sense. This is where categorizing comes into play. You may have your sewing needles and thread perfectly organized in matching containers, but if they’re nowhere near your other sewing supplies, you could forget where they are when you need them.

To get things categorized, it is best to pull everything out where you can see it while you clean. Not only will this allow you to stack things together that are in the same categories, but it will also help you to cut down on clutter by making sure that everything that you no longer want or need is eliminated from the pile. You can also see if you have too large of a category. For example, if you have “crafts” all together, you may realize that you would need an entire closet dedicated to them to keep them in the same category. However, if you divided them into art for the desk, sewing for the craft table, knitting for the trunk storage unit, and cake decorating supplies for a kitchen cabinet, you can keep them organized and categorized without having to invest a lot of money or waste a space usable for something else.

For everyday items, you need to make sure that whatever you choose to do with them, that it is easy to access. If you have a laundry basket in the bottom of the closet for your dirty clothes, but it’s far away from where you normally undress, then you’re not likely to use it for very long. If you get your closet so meticulously organized that it takes you several minutes to go through the containers just to put laundry away, then you’re not likely to use them. Go for simple solutions, like specialty clothes hangers, that allow you to see where everything goes while being able to easily access things. Hangers are great solutions for clothing and laundry problems because they protect clothing, allow you to separate by style or type, and help you to save lots of space.

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