Top Tips for Organizing Your Closet

It may take several steps for you to figure out what the best organization options for you are. Hardly anyone gets it right on the first try. Shorten the process by using these top tips from professional organizers. Their job is easier and they can more easily tell what you would need and want if you’ve done some of the basic legwork first. Follow these steps to get the major things out of the way so that you can better tell what will work for you.

First you need to identify the things that you do not like about your current arrangement. Write down the problems and leave room for sketches, web sites, and ideas. Let’s say that your shoes are in a pile, getting smashed, scuffed and separated. You know right off the bat that you will need a solution for that problem. If you have a hanging bar crammed with coats, summer clothes, sweaters and more, you will need a system to get them organized and tidier. Writing down your problems will give you somewhere to start when you begin to get organized.

Next you need to take measurements. There’s not much you can do until you know how much space you have and how much space you need. Emptying the closet is a good idea at this point. It helps to visually see how much space a category of clothing needs to occupy. Plus, categorizing everything will start to give you an idea of how much you can get rid of. Even if all of your clothing fits and is in good shape, there are only so many white t-shirts that you need. Decide how many of each item you are going to allow yourself to keep and then get rid of the rest.

Hanging as much as possible will save you lots of storage space for things that will not hang. Using flat, space saving hangers will make your clothes fit closely together and save a lot more space than you realize. Raising the bar can give you room below to place another bar, instantly doubling your closet space. Use specialty clothes hangers to get the basic form of organization down. Ties can go on a tie hanger instead of in a drawer. Many other things can go on specialty hangers, like lingerie, scarves, flip-flops, hats, and pants. When everything has a place on the hanging bar, the drawers, shelves, or whatever storage areas you have will be free for bulky sweaters, out-of-season clothing, luggage and more.

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