Adding to Existing Closet Space

Don’t you just hate it when you spend all day organizing your closet and then realize that you still don’t have enough space? Use these tips to add more usable space to your closet. You can even free up space for storage, keep your clothes from getting wrinkled, and make your closet look phenomenal while getting things even more organized.

There are many, many elaborate closet systems on the market that will fit your needs. But, most people don’t want to invest the money or don’t have the space to use one of these great systems. The answer to your problem is closet extensions.

Closet extensions are useful tools for neatly organizing things in a minimal space. There are belt racks, tie racks, hat racks and shoe racks that can help you organize all of the little things that you need to store. These things will hang flat against a wall or door. Some racks are retractable or rotate to help you keep them in a useful spot. You can avoid filling up drawers or bins with these items, freeing them up for other things.

Pants hangers, shirt hangers, skirt hangers, and dress hangers can help save you space, too. Many of these specialty hangers are designed to nest with each other, keeping like clothing close together without cramping and wrinkling them. Cascading pants hangers are great for fitting many pants in the space of one hanger. Cascading hooks and hanger bar extensions can also help you to keep a lot of items in a small space.

You can make your closet look really nice by using wooden hangers. Wood hangers come in a wide variety of finishes, styles and specialties. They can make a low-end closet look extravagant while keeping your clothes from becoming misshapen. Wooden hangers are also available in specialty styles that can help you to save on space without sacrificing style.

Cascading hangers are the most useful clothes hangers that you can find. They allow you to hang many different types of hangers from them, and then they collapse into a flat apparatus. “Metal Wonder Hangers” are an example. You can hang many hangers from it, release on end and you have a lot of clothing hanging in the space of one clothes hanger.

Now that your clothes and accessories are taking up less room, you may have the space to install deep sliding baskets or drawers. These are very useful for linens, sweaters, shoes, and even laundry. Adding storage to your closet may have seemed impossible before. But, with the clever use of specialty hangers, wooden hangers, and accessory racks, you can make room in even the tiniest of closets.

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