Creating an Elegant Closet

With a lack of storage, season changes, and the addition of belongings, your closet can really suffer. Digging through clothes and shoes can make matters worse. You are in need of some serious closet organization.

Once you’ve decided to organize, you should figure out what type of system will work best for you. Should you add a few shelves? Should you use a wire system? Do you want something more attractive and elegant? Luxury closet systems can cost as much as houses, but you don’t have to go all out if you can’t afford to.

One option is to add sections of your dream closet, a piece at a time, over a few weeks or months. Spreading out the cost can help you to get the closet that you really want without feeling that wallet pinch. You may be able to save money by buying prefabricated cabinets instead of actual closet systems. This little trick can get you a super functional closet that is full of storage. It looks great, it’s sturdy, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Another thing you can do is to build closet shelves yourself. It’s not too difficult if you have a mitre saw. Just measure, buy the boards, and cut them off to the right length. Secure 1×4 boards, as braces, to studs inside the closet wall. Use 3” screws to ensure that your shelves will hold a lot of weight. Place the cut boards on top and screw them down to the braces. You may need to brace the center of the shelves with L-brackets or a vertical board that supports from the floor. This can give you a lot of storage in a short time, for very little money.

To make your new closet look nice, you can stain the shelves, varnish them, paint them, or just leave them natural. You can use cedar for added aroma, pest control, odor absorption, and moisture balance in your closet. You can even use cedar planks to line your closet walls. This creates a beautiful, high end closet for very little money.

Once you have your system in place, give your closet some elegant touches. Using wooden hangers can make a closet look instantly high-end. Stylish wood hangers are also very sturdy and can last you many years. They are available in cedar, oak, bamboo and many attractive finishes.

Don’t forget to get special hangers for special clothing items. For example, shirt hangers, skirt hangers and dress hangers are all made to help these items stay wrinkle free and keep their shape. If you choose the same type of wood that you chose for your wooden hangers, your closet will look spectacular and organized.

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