Choosing Closet Containers

Is your closet disorganized? Do things end up lost or crumpled on the floor? When you get all of your laundry clean, does it end up living in the basket because you simply have nowhere to put anything else? Well it may be time to organize your closet. Using containers, dividers, shelves, and specialty hangers can help you to get organized fast. Having a place for everything with room to spare makes your closet an inviting place to visit. Putting things away is a snap. Finding what you need is so easy. Your clothes come out clean and wrinkle free. Use these tips to choose the best containers and closet accessories for you.

When choosing containers, bear in mind that you may not want to have to do this again anytime soon. Choosing flimsy containers that can crack, warp, damage your shelves or snag your clothing is not an option. Think about the long-run. Choose something that will be of a high enough quality to last you for several years. You also want your closet to be attractive when you are done so that you’re motivated to keep it organized.

When you find the style of container that you like, think about how easy they will be to use. Are you going to have to open a lid every time you want to reach into it? Is it dark? This could make it hard to find what you want unless you install extra closet lighting. Does it have splinters or other hazards for you or your clothes? Will it easily slide in and out of its place, allowing you to repeatedly access it with ease?

Another thing to consider is what type of hanger you will use. There are literally thousands of different types of hangers. Your clothes hangers should keep your clothing from slipping or wrinkling. The edges and seams should be smooth so that they don’t damage clothing. Wooden hangers should be thick enough that they don’t break under the weight of coats and suits.

Choosing cedar is great because it deodorizes your closet and keeps pests from wanting to enter. They are beautiful and go with any décor. Bamboo clothes hangers are earth-friendly and very strong. Thin hangers that fit closely together are great for saving space. Pants hangers that allow you to hang several pants, skirts or shorts from one hanger are wonderful for organizing and saving space at the same time.

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