Repurposed Furniture for Your Entryway

Repurposed Furniture
Repurposed Furniture for Your Entryway

Repurposing is a great way to conserve natural resources and save yourself some money. Using old dressers, desks, tables, and trunks in the entryway of your home can help you to clear space from other areas of your home and get things organized in the process. Use these ideas to help you come up with decorating, storage, and organizational ideas for the entryway of your home.

1) Old trunks are useful in a couple of ways. You can use them to stash backpacks, shoes, hide trash bins, collect recycling paper, or provide a seat by the door for taking off or putting on shoes. You can use different containers, baskets or bins inside of the trunk to keep things, like mail, organized.

2) Old desks can be repaired and refinished to add beauty and functionality to your entryway. Collect and sort mail, store magazines, collect newspapers for recycling, and provide a place for people to set their phones, wallets, keys, and change when they enter your house. Desks can display photographs, art work, floral arrangements, and holiday decorations. Use a lamp to make the area more inviting and to remind your family members to use it when they come inside the house.

3) Dressers are also nice for the entrance to your home. Deeper bottom drawers can be used for storing shoes that you don’t use very often. You can use the dresser top for organizing your bills, calendars, charging station, phones, wallets and keys. Keep things in the top drawers that you may not want left out in plain sight. Dressers can be refinished to match your décor and add a great vintage feel to your entryway.

4) Shelves are great to have beside the front door, too. You can use baskets and bins to disguise the items that you have stored there. Each family member can have their own basket for their wallets, keys, cell phones, and other daily items. You can use them to stash gloves, scarves and hats in the winter and even leave them there for summer storage.

5) Installing a hanging bar above the dresser, desk, or shelves that you are using is a great idea, too. You can stock it with attractive clothes hangers, like the ones from You and your guests will love having an area by the door to keep their jackets and coats easy to get to and free of wrinkles.

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