Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Winter

winter closet organizationWinter is rapidly approaching, and the time has come to put away summer clothing and shoes to make room to bring out your coats, sweaters and boots. These simple tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to winter will help make the process a little easier:

Decide ahead of time what type of storage containers you want to use, and where you will keep them. Having all of the supplies you need on hand before you begin the sorting and storage process will not only make the process easier, but will increase the chance that you will see the project through to completion with minimal headache. The space you have available to store your summer wardrobe should be considered in the decision of what type of container(s) you will use. Whether you store your clothing in plastic bins, fabric bags or hang them inside a covered garment rack, you will want to make sure all of your clothing is clean before it is stored.

Start with a fresh palette. Use the season change as an opportunity to clean out your closet completely. If you remove everything and clean the floors and shelves well, it becomes easier to envision the most logical organization solution that you may not have seen with a packed closet.

Decide what items are worth keeping. As you go through your summer wardrobe, you will need at least two categories: clothes you want to keep and clothes that you can donate or give away. If you only put wearable items back into your closet, finding something to wear and keeping your closet organized will be much easier throughout the coming season. Also consider the climate in your area when determining what clothes and shoes to store. In many areas, temperatures stay warm enough throughout the winter to keep a few pairs of sandals and short sleeve shirts on hand, while in colder climates these items have no chance of being worn.

Think beyond clothing and shoes. While storing away your summer clothes and shoes will likely be the bulk of this transitiont, consider storing other items in the process to keep your home organized. Bathing suits, pool toys, floats and other summer-only items can also be stored out of the way for the season.

A cool, well ventilated space is best suited for clothing storage. If possible, avoid storing your summer wardrobe in a basement, attic or garage. Cleaning out your closet and putting clothes into storage takes time and patience, but will pay off all season as you enjoy your organized, functional closet!

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