Keep Delicates in Great Shape with a Lingerie Hanger

Your delicate items, such as your nightgowns, bras, and panties deserve the very best treatment – even when they are not in use. When I talk about the treatment of your delicates, I’m referring to more than just the way that you wash and dry them. I’m referring to the way that you store these items when you’re not wearing them. If you are not utilizing the appropriate hangers for your delicate items, they will not have near the longevity that they could have.

Here at the Closet Hanger Factory, we carry a wide selection of hangers, including hangers for your delicates. A lingerie hanger is more than just a simple piece of plastic. You can find padded hangers, hangers designed in specific shapes for hanging certain items, such as a bra, and a variety of other specialty hangers – all designed for your delicate items. You spend a lot of money on your unmentionables. They deserve to be treated with respect to ensure that they last you for more than just a few weeks. Contact us today and place your first order.