DIY Closet Solutions

The biggest problem in most closets is storage space. From sports equipment to socks that you haven’t found the mate for yet, there are endless things around the home that don’t have anywhere else to go but your closet. You need some solutions. Use these tips for making the most of the little space that you have.

First, get some specialty hangers. Little things like belts, hats, and scarves don’t seem to take up much space. However, when you put them all together, they do actually take up room. Even worse, if they’re disorganized, they can make your entire closet look disorderly and cluttered. Specialty hangers give you a specific place to put all of these little things. They also help to save on space, because instead of each of these things taking up shelf, drawer, or basket space, they simply hang on the bar. All of your belts, scarves, and hats can take up as little as three inches of hanging space when you use specialty hangers.

Cascading hangers are also great space savers. You can get special cascading pants hangers and skirt hangers that allow you to hang multiple like items on one hanger. If you don’t like digging underneath the pants to pull out the ones that you want, consider getting one that is hinged at the top. You simply lift up the bottom and all of the pants or skirts will hang freely apart from each other. This little detail helps you to not pull pants and skirts off onto the floor or wrinkle them trying to get them off of the hanger.

Your clothes hangers can have a big impact on your space as well. Flat hangers are great for saving space, but they can be flimsy, causing your clothes to end up crumpled on the floor. When the hooks get all tangled up and the clothes get smashed together, the space that you saved seems to not be worth the effort. This is why we recommend wooden hangers made to save space. You can buy flat wood hangers that keep your clothes very slightly separated. They save space, but are designed not to cross up on the bar and they are definitely sturdier than plastic or wire hangers.

Specialty hangers, cascading hangers, and space saving wooden hangers are available in all sorts of styles and colors that will suit your needs. You’ll be amazed at how much better your closet looks when your clothes hangers all match. A good clothes hanger will be sturdy, beautiful, and free of sharp edges that can snag and rip clothing. Wooden hangers are definitely the hangers of choice when it comes to saving space and organizing your closet.

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