DIY Closet Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Are you aggravated by your cluttered closet space? It’s time to do something about it. If you’re interested in do it yourself projects, then the closet is a good place to test your skills. You can make a closet as basic or as complex as your skills will allow. Designing and building a closet system yourself, as opposed to buying a ready-made system, can be rewarding and give you the personalized space that you need to get your closet organized.

There are many closet systems on the market, some more expensive, some less expensive. You can get away with the cheapest closet system that works by going with wire shelving. Because you can cut the lengths of wire shelving that you need, this can be a cost effective option that doesn’t hinder your creative style. However, some people do not like the look of the wire closet system, and would like something more permanent or attractive, like wood.

Wood shelving systems can get very expensive, but not if you do it yourself. You may need a helper to install wood shelves, but having a second person on the job can be beneficial anyway. Run your ideas past your partner and get input. Sometimes, if you open the door, so to speak, people will surprise you with their ideas. Do some research online as well so that you can get ideas. Figure out what you might be able to build and put it in the plan.

Customize the design as much as you’d like. Things like drawers can be difficult if you’re inexperienced, but something like a shoe shelf can be relatively easy. You can slant shelves and install a dowel rod at the front to keep shoes from slipping. Simply glue it down or tack it with finishing nails. Make sure that you sand, stain, and varnish your shelves, unless they are cedar.

Cedar closets are really beautiful and offer many benefits; one being that you don’t have to stain or varnish! Cedar is a very aromatic wood that actually deodorizes your closet. It absorbs moisture and humidity from the air so that you don’t ever have to worry about mold, mildew, or their musty odors. Cedar will also keep your closet free of pests. It’s so beautiful and all you have to do is sand.

When you’re done with your project, dress it up a bit by using wooden hangers. You can buy wholesale wood hangers to make it an inexpensive upgrade for your closet. Cedar hangers are a great addition whether you have a cedar closet or not. You may also want some specialty wood hangers, such as a tie hanger, belt hanger, or pants hanger. These don’t just look great, they’re functional, too. You’ll have your new closet looking great in no time.

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