Taking Winter Clothing Out of Storage

The winter season is now in full swing and we’re starting to use all of those heavy winter coats and suits. Did your coats come out of storage smelling like a musty old closet? You’re not alone. Many people complain about the odor that seems to cling to things that have been stored for any length of time. This smell is actually mold and mildew growing in your clothing, so you have a right to be disgusted by the smell. It not only smells bad, but can cause allergic reactions in many people. Properly caring for and storing your coats and suits year round can help you to prolong the life of your expensive wardrobe and protect yourself from allergies and annoying musty odors.

1) When using your coats this winter, let them dry completely before putting them back into the closet. You don’t want to introduce moisture into the coat closet or your bedroom closet. If your coat or suit jacket is damp from rain, snow, or even mist, hang it outside of the closet in a dry environment for twenty four hours before placing it back into the closet with the other clothes. You can buy an inexpensive hanging rack for coats, shoes, hats, gloves, mittens and more. These hanging rods are like the ones that you might see in an office or doctor’s office. Give yourself a place to easily hang your wet items so that you aren’t tempted to hang them back in the closet or toss them over a chair.

2) Stock your hanging area with the things that you’ll need to dry out your winter wear. A shoe rack can help to hold shoes open so that air can circulate inside. Hangers with clips are great for clipping up gloves, hats and mittens. Scarf hangers are useful for keeping your scarves organized and letting them air out after use. Coat hangers that are curved will keep air between the front and the back of your coats and suits. You don’t want hangers with a flat design because they don’t let enough air into the garment to let it completely dry. Place your hanging area near a heater vent if possible so that the heat and moving air can help things dry before they have a chance to mold or mildew.

3) When you store coats and suits back in the closet, make sure that you are using the right clothes hangers. Hangers, like wood hangers or specially designed coat hangers, will be curved across the top and also across the body. The curvature should support the shoulders without puckering out the arms or letting the collar and lapels drop. The body curve should slightly round out the back of the coat or suit so that it doesn’t cause the coat to lose its shape. The clothes hanger that you choose could be a very important factor in extending the life of your wardrobe. Choosing cedar hangers will help you to avoid moisture, odors and pests in your closet. Keep your clothing fresh and in shape by following these rules this winter.

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