Year-End Closet DIY

Organizing a closet can be quite the task. Knowing where to start, what techniques work, and what to do to make your organization last is important. Knowing what to do can save you time, space, and even money in the long-run. Using tips from professional closet organizers is a great way to make sure that you’re getting the job done right. They have certain things that they fall back on again and again. You can use the same techniques that they do to get your closet organized like a professional. We’ve compiled some of the basics that we feel are the most helpful at correcting problems that most people face when it comes to getting and keeping their closets organized. Use these tips and you’ll be organizing like a pro in no time.

1) Professional closet organizers always push people to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Most adults keep clothes an average of ten years after they are done wearing them! Just imagine how cluttered your closet can be if you’re keeping things for decades after you no longer use them. People have a hard time getting rid of clothing that has sentimental value. They also have a hard time giving up things that they paid a lot for, items that are good “wardrobe staples”, and items that are simply still usable. Get rid of what you can and turn the hangers around backwards on the bar for what’s left. As you wear things throughout the year, hang them back up correctly. At the end of the year, if something is still hanging backwards, get rid of it without a second thought.

2) Pros also like to divide clothing so that it’s easy to see what goes where. Casual clothes should be separate from work clothes, dress clothes, and workout clothes. Sectioning off your closet by dividing it with shelves or extra hanging bars is a great way to keep things visually separate. After that, you will need to hang shirts together, skirts, pants, suits, coats, etc. until everything has its own place in the closet. You can make room below your hanging clothes by lining things up by length. You may be surprised how much space you can make below your shorter shirts if you hang them together on the bar.

3) Finally, professionals always use matching clothes hangers. Coats should always go on coat hangers or sturdy wood hangers. Skirts and pants can be cascaded on specialty hangers and outfits can be coordinated on cascading or coordinate hangers. Using the right clothes hangers can not only save you space, but can help your clothing to stay organized, wrinkle free, and ready for use.

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