How to Disguise Clutter

Do you ever clean your house only to discover that it still looks messy and cluttered? Is it almost impossible to create more storage in your home? Do you use some things so much that they never seem to be put away? Clutter is one of the number one complaints of people looking to organize their homes. We use so many products nowadays that there seems to be little piles of things all over the place. Chargers, nail polish, art supplies, mail, video game accessories, magazines, crafting supplies and more can quickly turn your home into a clutter mountain. Learn how to get things hidden without hiding them away so that you can still use them without living in a heap of junk.

The first step is to go through everything. Study each category of stuff that you have. Research online to see if you can find images, tutorials or clever ideas for storing the items that you don’t know what to do with. Access to the internet is so easy that people everywhere are posting their great ideas. Web sites are dedicated to sharing the most popular storage ideas from around the world. Sharing with friends and strangers everywhere has never been this easy. If you don’t know what to do with your cupcake decorating supplies, someone else has surely come up with a clever solution that will get your brain working on something that will work for you.

The next step is to adjust the spaces that you use in your home so that the things you use most often can be easily accessed and put back away. This is the same theory that many closet organizers use to organize closets in a way that they stay organized. Whatever you use most goes front and center. Things you use less often go higher, lower, and further to the left and right of the closet. Try to utilize this same theory in your home. If a slow cooker that you rarely use is taking up a whole shelf in your cabinet, move it to the garage for storage and place a divider rack for your everyday frying pans in its place.

Making small adjustments like this all over your home will slowly but surely remove clutter from your life. You may have to tackle clothing one week and office supplies another, but eventually it will be done. When it starts to get more organized, you can more easily assess where the problems are coming from and take corrective action.

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