Storage Under Cover

It can be difficult to find places to store things in your home. Houses are generally built to make rooms look bigger, taking valuable storage space away from closets, laundry rooms, and pantries. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to store things, even in the smallest of spaces. There are many clever ideas out there for storing items around the home where you can’t even see them. Disguising clutter and storage spaces by using innovatively designed cabinets, furniture, ottomans, and even plant stands is a great way to minimize the mess while maximizing the style and space of your home.

Years ago I started trying to only purchase things that helped me to either create space or provide me with storage. After a few years, I was able to stock my cabinets only with nesting bowls and casserole dishes. I have nesting plastic wear, glass wear, stainless steel bowls, and I even store small crocks in my slow cooker. I actually own double the bowls and casserole dishes that I did two years ago, but they take up half of the space in the cabinet that my old, oddly shaped ones did. Making the decision to change things long-term around the house can help you to establish habits that slowly but surely turn things around for you.

Another thing that I did was to change the way I stored things in the bathroom. I have a very, very small bathroom and it becomes instantly destroyed after one morning of getting ready for work. I considered building shelves and shallow cabinets into the walls, but I really didn’t feel like making permanent changes like that. Also, I might have been just a little too lazy to take on a big construction project.

So, finally I started thinking outside of the box, which was, my bathroom. What did I have against walking one foot from the sink into my bedroom to get something that I needed? Was it really necessary to cram two hundred beauty products into what seemed like a four foot space? No! I got an old media cabinet that we no longer used, and simply moved it to right outside of the bathroom door. This thing is amazing. It has adjustable glass shelves and holds everything from rollers to tweezers. I have several containers that hold stockpiles of different things and get them out of my bathroom. Making room for the things that I use everyday made a huge difference.

Find solutions for your home that help you to move storage items out of the way and you too can enjoy the fruits of creative thinking.

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