We Can Help with Your Merchandising Needs

If you own a retail shop and are in need of hangers, you have come to the right place. Here at the Closet Hanger Factory, we carry a huge selection of hangers for individuals and for business owners. A popular choice for retail clothing is the plastic hanger. You can find both clear and black plastic hangers at the Closet Hanger Factory. Either one is ideal for a durable, convenient way to hang your merchandise.


Plastic is a good choice for retail shops, because it is affordable and long lasting. You already have enough costs, just keeping your shop in operation. If you can save money on hangers, without sacrificing quality, that means more money available for other aspects of your business. The durability of plastic hangers means that they will last for a long time, allowing you to use them again – another way to save money. Contact us today – one of our experts will help you choose the best hangers for your merchandising needs.

Stay in Control of Your Closet

Your closet is more than just a place to hang your clothes. It is the place where you plan your outfits, the place where you are in total control. Being in control means that you are in charge of making sure your clothes are hung properly. There really is a right and wrong way to hang up your clothing. Wooden closets hangers are the best option to keep your clothing safe in the closet. With wooden hangers, you don’t have to worry about rust from metal, or breakage from plastic – wooden hangers are built to last.

Here at the Closet Hanger Factory, we carry everything you need to protect your clothes in the closet. We carry a huge selection of wooden hangers, as well as plastic hangers and even padded hangers. We also carry various closet accessories to help keep your closet organized. Any clothes-hound will tell you that organization is key, when storing a large amount of clothing. Contact us, today, and learn more about our selection of hangers and accessories.

Satin Padded Hangers Essential for Delicate Items

Your delicate items – you know, those “unmentionables” that you own, but don’t talk about – deserve the best treatment in your closet. If you do not take proper care of your delicate items, you could damage them. That is simply throwing money down the drain. Your delicate items, including your lingerie, need to be stored the right way, to ensure a long life.

Our satin padded hangers are perfect for hanging delicate items. Each hanger is padded with soft, exquisite satin, to keep your delicates safe. You won’t have to worry about a cedar smell in your lingerie. You won’t have to worry about rust stains on your bras. You won’t have to worry about a broken, plastic hanger leaving your delicates in a heap on the floor. Each of our padded hangers provides the ultimate softness for your delicates as they hang in your closet. Contact us today to start choosing your padded hangers – your delicate items will thank you.