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Time to Take Your Coats off the Wood Coat Hangers for Winter

Winter is coming and it is time to break out the winter coats and outerwear. Hopefully, your winter coats have been hanging on wood coat hangers, protected in your closet. If you were less than gentle with your winter coats when you stored them last season, you may need to have your coats professionally cleaned. When you take your coats out of storage or dig them out from the back of the closet, examine the coats for any damage. If all appears to be well, make sure they are clean and ready to wear.

Some coats can be tossed in the washer at home. Others require professional cleaning. It is important to prepare your coats before the cold weather sets in. You don’t want to be stuck with a smelly coat on the first cold day. Getting your winter coats ready, now, will ensure that you are prepared for the frosty, cold days of winter. One more thing to remember: when winter is over and it is time to put your coats away, take time to store them with care. Your wallet will appreciate it, next winter, when you don’t have to buy new coats.